You may be trying to get pregnant naturally or going through IVF treatment. This can be a frustrating time, particularly if you’ve been told you have “unexplained infertility” and don’t know what you can do to help improve your fertility. You may have had lots of tests which leave you no wiser as to why you’re not getting pregnant.  Perhaps you’ve been monitoring ovulation, timing sex to coincide with those all important days and it’s affecting your sex life and your relationship.  It can seem as if your whole life revolves around getting pregnant and when your period arrives you come crashing down, only to do it all again next month.

If this sounds like you, then know that you’re not alone. I’ve treated hundreds of couples in the same situation and helped most to achieve their dream of having a family.

Stress, lifestyle and diet can be major factors in influencing your chances of conceiving and yet are not usually considered  by the medical profession.  It takes 3 months for an egg follicle to mature and for sperm to be produced, so I recommend preparing yourself for pregnancy well ahead of time. I will assess both partner’s current state of health and will advise you on your diet, nutritional needs, lifestyle and stress factors which may influence your reproductive health.

At the first appointment I like to see both partners, if possible, as I feel it’s important that both partners work together as a team to help understand fertility and increase the chances of a successful pregnancy.   I can then work with either or both of you (usually the female partner) to help improve fertility, calm down stress levels and support through assisted conception.

To help support you I have authored 2 books which are available from Amazon as Kindle books.  You can find out more about my books by visiting our Products Page.


mfs-logo-small  I am a “Preferred Provider” for Midland Fertility Services in Tamworth and I was a founder member of the Zita West Network and trained in the principles which Zita uses with her own patients. (The Zita West Clinic is the UK’s largest and most successful integrated reproductive health practice, combining the very latest in both medical and complementary care.)

I keep my knowledge up to date with courses and have recently completed a course on charting fertility.


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