Back and Joint pain

Whether you have chronic back pain, painful knees or a frozen shoulder you may find that painkillers only give you temporary relief and your doctor can’t offer you anything else. You know that the underlying problem needs to be addressed, but you don’t know what would work best to help yourself.

I’m Tim Metford and I’ve been helping my patients heal their back and joint pain for over 17 years. Many people come to me as a last resort having exhausted what the NHS has to offer. Typically their GP may have prescribed painkillers and put them on a long waiting list for physiotherapy. I often hear that when they finally got to see the physio they were given exercises to do but no hands on treatment and were left to get on with it.

ManBentOverOver the years that I have been working with back and joint problems. I have found that the main causes are muscles in your low back and hips that aren’t working correctly.  Some muscles will have gone too tight, which may pull a bone out of place, and for every tight muscle you’ll find another that’s gone weak and isn’t holding a bone in place.

This might be due to poor posture, strain from unaccustomed exertion or a repetitive and heavy workload that has eventually taken it’s toll.

I have refined a system of treatment which I call the ABC Method.

Assess the problem. Where is your pain?  What makes it worse? What makes it better? Is it constant pain?

Back, Bones and Muscles. They all play a part in creating pain.  I look for the culprit, checking that muscles are working correctly and holding your spine in the correct alignment.

Correct the problem. Once I have identified the underlying cause of your pain I correct it using acupuncture, massage to relax tight muscles and tone up weak muscles.

The ABC Method = pain relief and improved mobility.

book coverOnce your back pain is relieved, it’s important that you do exercises to strengthen the muscles so that they correctly support your spine.  I have co-authored a book which will give you detailed guidance on the appropriate exercises for you.  This can be purchased from our books page.

I often find patients come to me who have had unsuccessful back surgery, or they want to avoid back surgery, seeing it as a last resort.  Follow this link to read an interesting article about back surgery, which mentions that acupuncture is recommended by the UK’s National Institute for Health and Clinical Excellence (NICE).