AcuSlim is a ground breaking 6 week program, based on the principles of eating a balanced and healthy diet. The programme is designed to free you from your health & weight problems so you can enjoy good health for life.

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Whether You Want To:

  • Lose weight and keep it off
  • Switch off sugar cravings
  • Lower your cholesterol levels
  • Overcome digestion problems
  • Manage diabetes through your diet
  • Improve your energy & beat fatigue
  • Stop comfort eating
  • Break a cycle of yoyo dieting
  • Reduce your risk of heart problems
  • Improve your memory & concentration
  • Stay healthy for life……..


The AcuSlim programme is for you!

What the AcuSlim programme includes:

  • 6 Acupuncture Treatments (usually £45 each)
  • One to one coaching session at each treatment with a qualified Weight Loss coach
  • 117 page recipe/guide book to download
  • 6 AcuSlim video seminars to view at your leisure


All you need to succeed!

You’ll discover:

  • How to get the basics of your diet right, making sure you have all the vital food groups for great health and vitality
  • The importance of listening to your body and your inner wisdom
  • The diet saboteurs which can wreck your health and the superfoods which can easily be included in your every day diet
  • How to avoid self sabotage and get what you really want in life
  • How stress sabotages your health and weight
  • How you can stay healthy for life and never worry about your weight, cholesterol levels etc…..


This Package would normally cost in excess of £270, but is available to you for just £220, payable in full at your first session.