AcuQuit, pain free way to stop smoking

Break The Habit!

AcuQuit is a unique programme designed to eliminate the stress from stopping smoking.

Our programme will help:

  • Eliminate cravings and the desire to smoke
  • Help you feel calm and relaxed
  • Help eliminate the toxic by-products of smoking from your body, so you begin to look and feel better quickly


Acupuncture is a tried and tested treatment for addictions, including smoking, alcohol and street drugs.  We have 20 years experience of treating people with addictions and using that experience we have created the AcuQuit programme.

The programme includes:

  • acuQuit6 Acupuncture Treatments
  • 1 counselling session to help you find your own motivation to stop smoking and stay free from cigarettes
  • An exclusive guide which will give you vital information and support so you stay committed to your decision to stop smoking
  • A relaxation/hypnotherapy track to download which you can listen to daily to help you stay on course


The programme costs £150, payable in full at your first session.
















Right Click here and “save link as” to download your motivation track