Success Stories

“I was bereaved and depressed and life’s emotional challenges were resulting in various physical problems such as knee and hip pain.  To me, Lois and Tim are great.  They give support and inspiration at every turn that is physically difficult.  I have a better understanding of how my body works, my weaknesses and strengths.  I have the space to talk about my emotions, experiences and it all helps me cope with stress.”

Mrs Young

“I had been diagnosed by the doctor as having trigeminal neuralgia, as the internet describes – the worst pain in the world.  The pain in the left side of my face was very severe and the doctor put me on carbamazapine.  Unfortunately these made me violently sick every morning, so I really needed to find an alternative.  In the past 6 weeks there has been a remarkable pain recovery.  Tim has an understanding of where the pain is and comes from, thus treats the area accordingly.  I’m now free from severe pain. Tim also has what I call “healing hands” placing his hands on my head transfers heat and healing to the areas affected with pain.  I have complete confidence in the work Tim is doing for me and so grateful to him for what he has achieved.

Mrs Walton


“Thank you for meeting with me today at short notice.
Just to let you know I thought you were extremely informative, friendly and professional. Safe to say cows milk is now eliminated from my diet.”

G Friel, Coventry (Food Intolerance Test client)


I had unbearable muscle and nerve pain, even after neck and back surgery.  I have always found Tim warm and friendly, great for relaxation, as well as acupuncture.  It feels like receiving counselling from a good friend.  I now enjoy a reduction in nerve pain.  Many thanks.”

Mr Cox


I had pain and swelling behind my left knee.  I’d researched acupuncture and knew that my friends had success with their treatment for back problems.  I felt happy about the treatment I received and well satisfied with the clinic in general.  I can now run without pain or swelling at the back of my knee.  Also I can sit for as long as I like without pain, discomfort or swelling.”

Mr Sunwar


I had chronic dyspepsia with acute stomach pain which woke me 5 to 6 times a night.  I was developing a fear of eating.  I had no reservations about having acupuncture, just a deep longing for it to work after 2½ years with no relief.  It has been a very positive experience, Lois often treats more than one problem/health issue in one treatment!  She is a great listener and problem solver, offering advice that really works and can be done at home to complement session.  Offers great value for money!  Each session is tailored to you and I now have relief from pain.”

Mrs Croft


“I used to have very bad migraines that would last up to 5 days every month.  I now have better quality of life, the migraines have not completely disappeared but they are far less strong (more like a headache) and do not last so long.  I can now do things and get on with my life, I don’t have to stop everything like I used to.”

Ms Vern


“Before I started having treatment I would say that my situation was quite confused; I knew that I was in a ‘rut’ of negativity and feeling the burden of juggling work and family pressures.  I had no reservations just questions about acupuncture and any evidence that it was going to be of benefit. I went with an open mind.  I have found Lois to be a good listener who appreciates the individual situations that I am in.

She is easy to talk to and uses her counselling skills very well when questioning. The questions have let me reflect on my situation and explore the impact they are having on me.  I found the book (Stop Stressing Start Living) and the subsequent conversations very helpful. The book inspires confidence in her abilities.  The one best result from working with Lois? – There are so many! Living in the moment, appreciating things and that I am in control of my destiny (I had lost this perspective). The reflective/celebration diary and objectives for the day.”

Mr Bains.

“I sourced Lois on the internet and started acupuncture treatment in preparation for a private round of IVF. This unfortunately was unsuccessful but I continued with acupuncture until I had IVF cycle number three. This resulted in a positive pregnancy and I am now six months pregnant. Before treatment I had a diagnosis of severe endometrosis, debilitating period pain each month, recent operation to remove two large ovarian cysts, extremely low ovarian reserve, one failed cycle of NHS IVF.
I was skeptical of acupuncture as an alternative therapy, but the proof was in the vast improvement in period pain each month. Within approximately eight months of treatment (once every two weeks) the pain went from unbearable to absolutely nothing, not even a twinge. I was amazed.
Lois has a holistic approach, looking at both you and your partner – lifestyle, diet, stress levels, work environment, sleep patterns and work/life balance.  Lois looks beyond just your medical notes. Lois is extremely knowledgeable and her calming approach makes you feel relaxed and comfortable during each treatment.
The best things for me have been zero period pain and a positive pregnancy result after five years of trying and three IVF cycles.  An education in my diet. I feel I have a better understanding of how food/diet affects how the body functions.
I am now six months pregnant and very much looking forward to the future.”
Mrs Smith


“Before  I visited Lois I was struggling to deal with the after effects of post viral syndrome  and I was finding it difficult to deal with. I had fairly regular bouts of muscle and joint aches and pains, and  sometimes total lack of energy. 
I had no doubts about consulting with you after seeing the results of acupuncture on a friend who suffered with debilitating migraines.( In fact I was hoping for the same miracle cure and got it)
The improvement in my health was almost instant.  I have valued  the advice and treatment that you have given me over the years. I appreciate the fact that you listen no matter how minor a matter is and always give excellent advice. You made my passage through the menopause bearable.
I guess the most outstanding result I have got from working with you is the freedom from my aches and pains but you have, in fact, done so much more. Having someone to talk to about woes and ailments that seem very minor is amazing, and the advice and treatment that you give takes away a lot of unnecessary stress and worry.”
Mrs Bruce


“I had a lot muscle pain in my lower back, hips and legs. I wasn’t sure if the treatment would help me but I felt a great benefit almost immediately.  Although there was a bit of pain initially, this wore off after a day or two.  Treatment has loosened my muscles up a lot and I am in less pain than I used to be.”

Mr Halford

“I was suffering from the third bout of sciatica in a year when I first saw Tim.  After 1 session I was startlingly improved and after 4 sessions it was gone. I was a little apprehensive as I didn’t know anything about acupuncture but I was willing to try anything.  I have gained a lot of knowledge about my body and thing that I can do to help myself through diet and exercise.  I have had many good results but the best thing is I have not had a recurrences of sciatica in 6 years.”

Mrs Seccull.

“Having had a lifelong problem with my lower back I was well used to being let down by every GP that I met with. After looking for alternative treatments I did try chiropractic but was not happy with the results.  I can well remember my first acupuncture session when I hobbled (literally) into the treatment room I did wonder why I was bothering. Really not expecting a good result.  I was so pleased after my session as I was able to walk to my car I could not claim to be 100% I was in far better shape than at the start of my day.

After one or two more treatments I was back to carrying on as normal. Having had more episodes with my back I have now realised that getting treatment ASAP is the answer .I must say that after sessions with Tim I understand far more about how my body works and why my problems occur. I imagine I will need treatment in the future and would not hesitate to contact Tim for a session.

As I now know this problem will re-occur using acupuncture means that recovery is extremely fast which means that rather than seeing a GP which resulted in lost time at work and weeks of discomfort, a session with Tim get me back to living as normal a life as possible. If you are living with a problem I urge you to give Tim a try if he doesn’t think he can help he will let you know very quickly, but if he can you will be very pleasantly surprised.”

Jim Hill

“Before I started having treatment with Tim I was extremely uncomfortable and tired as I felt that my whole body was useless not just the broken foot. I was unsure about whether acupuncture would work and  unsure of taking my clothes off in front of a man!  It was a relaxed and positive experience and my health has improved.”

Mrs Moore Nuneaton

“Before starting treatment with Tim the pain in the back was extremely uncomfortable.  I had some reservations as Acupuncture was an unknown quantity!  The experience has been reassuring, extremely informative and helpful which has aided a successful outcome and overall health improvement.”

Mr Moore Nuneaton

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“The consultant said there’s muscle and nerve damage here’s some pain killers, there’s nothing we can do for you. I felt alone, there wasn’t anything else, this was my lot, I’d be in pain. A nurse suggested that I try acupuncture as an alternative therapy. Since having acupuncture I’m free of pain. My mobility is back to normal though I take care when lifting heavy things and I’m more aware of what I can and can’t do.”  – Daren Fox, Nuneaton

“You will be pleased to know that the presentation went well, I managed to contain my nerves to a reasonable level. I was very comfortable all morning until I was waiting in line to speak, then they started to build up. However I managed to put all of your advice into practice, so my knees did not start to shake and I managed to keep the nerves at a reasonable level.

So much so, that once I was up there and got into the swing of things, I wish I had more content to discuss, as I had actually started to enjoy myself!

In response, I have received lots of compliments from external clients (who had no idea how I felt!) as to how much they enjoyed my presentation. Also had good feedback internally and apparently I have raised the bar for next year!

So I cannot thank you enough for the support, guidance and expertise (and not to forget confidence building) that you have given me to allow me to take on the next chapter of my career.”  Louise, Nuneaton