Sarah’s story

After failed fertility treatments we began looking into more and more ways that we might be able to help ourselves along this very difficult journey. Time and time again we came across acupuncture as an option. After ringing around various clinics, to be honest the original reason we chose Lois was because we were able to have weekend appointments, which with all the time I already had to take off work for fertility treatments was a must.

I think that although we were both willing to give anything a go we were both somewhat apprehensive about the whole idea of acupuncture, this was probably worse for my husband who was struggling with each hospital appointment already.

However from the very first appointment with Lois she put us at ease, and the environment was more relaxed than another hospital. It wasn’t all needles, she spent a long time discussing our situation and explaining small things that we might be able to do ourselves (diet and lifestyle, she was even knowledgeable about different fertility clinics). I was most surprised when before the end of the first session not only had I had needles used on me, but somehow Lois had got my husband to agree as well.

We attended on a regular basis both of us receiving treatment as appropriate; she even worked with my husbands fears of hospitals.

When I suspected that the hospital was going to call me in for treatment during my next meeting with Lois she was very understanding and managed to get me in the next day, even better than that when the embryos were put back she was able to make the time for us to go in later that same day to help support that stage of the whole process.

I have returned to Lois on a regular basis all throughout my pregnancy, she has worked with supporting the various stages of the pregnancy along with any other symptoms I have presented with (morning sickness, backache etc).

Although originally we chose Lois due to the convenience of appointments, I would highly recommend her to anyone going through any stage of fertility treatment, she is understanding, knowledgeable and supportive throughout the whole journey.

We would both like to thank her for helping to make our dream of having our own family come true, I now wait in anticipation of holding our baby in my arms (less than one week until due date!)

Sarah Farquhar

Samuel James Farquhar was born 18th October weight 7lb 1oz.