seashore1-150x150The Relaxation Collection

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All of my books are now available as Kindle or paperbacks books exclusively from Amazon.   (If you don’t have a Kindle, you can download software from Amazon to read the book on your PC or other device.)

Preview each book here on my site, when you click on the Amazon “Buy” link, it will take you direct to the store for your country where you will be able to purchase the book, in the format of your choice, immediately.


Stop Stressing Start Living

Overcome stress and lead a happy, healthy, stress-free life!

This book is for anyone who is suffering from stress and wants to turn their lives around.   The book will enable you to:

1  Release your fears and anxiety.

2  Counteract the damage that negative stress has caused you.

3.  Deal with the underlying cause(s) of your stress.

4.  Feel inspired and motivated to create the life you really wish to experience.

Comes with audio version and guided relaxations to download from my website

Getting Pregnant: Improve Your Fertility & Chances of IVF Success

This book is for every couple trying to conceive and has fascinating advice taken from Lois’s 20 years of experience working with couples who are trying to get pregnant.

The book includes:

Detailed guidance on understanding your menstrual cycle and fertile time

How to recognise your fertility signals

When and how often to have sex

Checking for problems with your fertility

The diet, lifestyle and environmental factors that may be stopping you from getting pregnant

How to create healthy eggs and sperm

How to minimise the risk of miscarriage

How to use charting your BBT to predict when you will be fertile

Plus 12 specially recorded guided meditations to help you de-stress and stay relaxed through fertility treatment.


Eating to Get Pregnant 

In this book you’ll learn everything you need to know about eating to get pregnant.  From balancing your blood sugar levels, detoxing, stocking your larder and fridge with fertility boosting foods to 100 carefully chosen recipes.

Brilliant Breakfasts

Luscious Lunches

Delicious Dinners

Tasty Treats

You’ll never be short of ideas to create simple, nourishing, fertility boosting meals for yourself and your partner.