Guided Relaxations

download guided relaxationsThe daily practise of relaxation and meditation has many positive benefits for your body, mind and feeling of well-being.

It switches off the stress response and helps to engage the “rest and digest” side of your autonomic nervous system. In turn, this optimises your digestion, lowers blood pressure and helps your body to eliminate toxins and renew worn out cells.

Studies show that people who take time out to relax and meditate on a regular basis respond better to stress, are calmer and more optimistic. They tend to have normal blood pressure and a lower risk of diabetes and heart problems.

Why not take a few minutes out now to watch this guided power nap relaxation:

seashore1-150x150If you enjoyed this relaxation, you can download my Relaxation Collection.  The collection includes the following MP3 files:

  1. Enlightened communication
  2. The Power Nap
  3. Healing Light relaxation
  4. Paradise relaxation
  5. Relax into a deep sleep
  6. River of Light relaxation
  7. Seashore relaxation
  8. Bonus track – Reclaim your Power.

You receive all 8 tracks as a download package for just £17.